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Election 2016 Aftermath: Why the Democratic ‘Firewall’ Crumbled

On Election Day, Donald Trump pulled off a stunning victory over Hillary Clinton, winning Democratic strongholds in the “Rust Belt” – states that voted for President Obama overwhelmingly in the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections. While political commentators and economists will continue to study what powered Mr. Trump’s victory, enabling him to breach the Democratic…

Shrey Verma in Foreign Policy: Taking Back the Indian Ocean

India’s relaxed shipping rules could spell trouble for China’s attempts to increase its influence in the Indian Ocean. When a Chinese military submarine docked at the Colombo International Container Terminal (CICT) in September 2014, it caused a major scramble in India’s security establishment, testing the newly formed government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. China’s expanding…

China’s SDR campaign is aimed at domestic reform, not reserve assets

Nikkei Asian Review Link to Article The International Monetary Fund is debating the incorporation of the yuan into the basket of currencies that constitutes the Special Drawing Rights, an international reserve asset created to supplement member countries’ official reserves. But China’s SDR ambitions have much more to do with financing domestic economic reform than with…

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