Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

And Now for Something Completely Different: Republicans Plan to Repeal and Replace the ACA – We Examine the How and When … and the Impact

The Takeaway Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election likely spells the end of the Affordable Care Act in its current iteration as Republicans are preparing to “repeal and replace” the controversial law. In this report, we examine what “repeal and replace” likely means, the legislative path Republicans expect to follow (and the significant limitations…

Top 11 Trends in Healthcare Delivery and Payment Spurred by the ACA and its Aftermath

The Takeaway: The enactment of the ACA in 2010 fundamentally altered the regulatory landscape for the healthcare sector and spurred significant changes to the manner in which providers deliver care and payers compensate care delivery. As the law has become inextricably ingrained in the healthcare system, it is incumbent upon healthcare providers, especially hospitals, to…

Major Themes for 2015

Summary: In this report, we highlight some of the key themes within the healthcare sector, as well as our thoughts around those drivers on which we believe investors should focus to successfully navigate the challenging waters we see ahead, including innovation, quality improvement, efficiency, and cost-lowering. The sector themes include a continued rate of muted…

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