Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

Republican Thoughts on the Filibuster

The Takeaway The investment community is increasingly coming to understand the restrictions inherent in the budget reconciliation process in Congress, and investors are looking to uncover the other maneuvers available to the slim Republican majority in the United States Senate. Presidentelect Trump made tremendous promises over the course of his campaign. While much can be…

Election 2016 Aftermath: Why the Democratic ‘Firewall’ Crumbled

On Election Day, Donald Trump pulled off a stunning victory over Hillary Clinton, winning Democratic strongholds in the “Rust Belt” – states that voted for President Obama overwhelmingly in the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections. While political commentators and economists will continue to study what powered Mr. Trump’s victory, enabling him to breach the Democratic…

Expectations for Tax Reform

The Takeaway Wall Street is keenly focused on the potential for tax reform across multiple fronts in Washington as we look ahead to 2017 and the Trump Administration. As of this writing, we are most optimistic on the prospects of an international-focused tax reform package, the revenue from which would be used to offset the…

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